prevent against COVID-19

Unproven methods to prevent against COVID-19

There are so many fake and untested medical products and methodologies claiming to have COVID-19 diagnosed, prevented and cured. Fake medicines sold for COVID-19 may not contain, and may even contain toxic products, the ingredients they claim to contain.

No vaccine for Novel Corona prevention is available as of May 2020, though there are several worldwide efforts to develop one as quickly as possible.
WHO does not suggest any medicine in treating or cure COVID-19 as of March 2020, although research is ongoing in many nations, including the WHO-led Solidarity trial.

Does Washing Hands with Soap Protect from COVID-19?

Hand sanitizer is not much effective then washing hands with normal soap and water. As per US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, washing hand for at least for 20 seconds may helpful to prevent from the COVID-19.
Soaps are effective in killing coronaviruses, Its doesn’t matter weather it is an  antibacterial soap is or normal soap

Do Gargling With salt water prevent from Novel Corona?

As per the Joseph Mercola and Thomas inhaling 0.5-3% hydrogen peroxide solution using a nebulizer is able to prevent or cure Novel Corona.
Webibo claims that Gargling with saltwater kill the coronavirus. The WHO declared that, there no convincing evidence to prove that Gargling with salt water can protect against COVID-19.

Does Temperature Kills the Novel Corona

Virus is inside the human body, has no effect of low temperature outside of body.
As per the UNICEF in coronavirus protection guidelines Exposure to sunlight, drinking warm does not kill the Novel Corona virus.

Is there any Drugs to prevent from COVID-19

It Has been Advertised that cocaine and nicotine has advertised as the a vaccine against  Novel Corona. Cocaine does not protect from Novel Corona.

Does Religious Methods protect from Novel Corona

A member of Virological Society of India, Dr Shailendra Saxena stated that there is no proof that cow urine has any kind of anti-viral effect against Corona.
A huge array of Middle East population advocated that drinking camel urine can prevent from Novel Corona, But WHO has totally denied on it.

Is There Any Food or Beverage Which prevent from Corona

Drinking lemon in warm water may increase vitamin C in your body it can not prevent you from Novel Corona. There is no proven cases that Vitamin C is effective against COVID-19.
As many post on social media claims that Garlic can prevent COVID-19 but there is no real time examples to prove it.

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