All you must know about JBL Quantum

JBL launched the gaming headphone series Quantum in India, with prices ranging from Rs. 2.499 to Rs. 22,999 at launch. The electronic parts manufacturer has broadened its range to include specialized gaming headphones beyond regular consumer headphones. The Quantum sequence has a total of 7 headphones, with various traits and connectivity options at varying costs.

Whats is the JBL Quantum price in India

ModelPrice in India
Quantum 100₹ 2,499
Quantum 200₹ 3,999
Quantum 300₹ 4,999
Quantum 400₹ 7,999
Quantum 600₹ 12,999
Quantum 800₹ 17,999
Quantum One₹ 22,999

Features JBL Quantum

All headsets have removable or flip-up voice communications boom mics, while the connectivity varies based on the variant. All headphones have 3.5 mm connectivity, a few other variants also feature a USB, 2.4GHz wireless access, or Bluetooth.

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