Mitron app is back in Google Play Store

With an updated privacy policy, Mitron app is back in Google Play Store

The new privacy policy for Mitron app contains a page on ‘GDPR Data Protection Rights’ 

Officially the Mitron app is backed up on the Google Play Store. Android users can go to the Play Store now and download the app free of charge. The app currently has a 3.9-star rating with over 300,000 reviews on the Play Store. The app also had its promoter website designed and updated. Also updated was Mitron’s privacy policy and now includes a page about ‘GDPR Data Protection Rights.’

The app was developed as an alternative to TikTok, made by Indians. In less than a month Mitron racked up five million downloads to the Play Store. In recent weeks, the app has gained popularity in the country’s anti-Chinese sentiment, only to be suspended by Google for breaching its policy of ‘spam and minimal functionality.’

Nevertheless, the search giant recently stated in a blog post that Mitron might make a comeback. Google said it had disabled the app due to technical policy violations but had set up a processor to work with developers to help them fix issues and resubmit the app.

Although Mitron is trying to provide an Indian alternative to TikTok, there are rumors that the device might not have originated in the region. We have previously reported that the entire source code for the app was acquired from Qboxus, a Pakistani software developer company for USD 34 (Rs 2.600), including its features and user interface.

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