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Guidelines for an Articles

  • The COVIk19 invites analytical perspectives on aspects of any news that could be helpful for the human. We encouraged to write articles / commentaries rang of minimum 400 words which are original, humorous, and educated by qualitative and quantitative information.
  • Please make sure the pronunciation style you are using – American or British – is consistent all through the writing-up.information.
  • Abbreviations can be used only after the 1st instance expansion of these.
  • Mailing address and Contact Number details (for office records) should be provided if you are initially contributing
  • Thumbnail image (to be shown in conjunction with article, Also an optional)
  • The subject-matter should be COVID-19 Article
  • While we will endeavor to provide substantial feedback, we rely on writers to assure reliable sources of the validity of their statements. We also believe that any article submitted to us is provided exclusively and that, without our awareness, no article accepted for publication will be submitted elsewhere at the same time in any form.
  • Article copyright relies with COVID2k19.com Contributors will receive an email of acceptance stating their article receipt.

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